Harmony Fireworks!

One day a capella Harmony Sing-Shop in Brevard

Fireworks! Registration

Sing-Shop Registration

NOTE:   Please look over the form and collect all the information necessary before filling it out. Most fields are required (indicated by an * by the field name). Once you have successfully filled out and submitted the form, you will receive an email confirming your registration and giving you further useful information prior to Harmony Fireworks.  The email should be received in a reasonable period of time and its subject line is: “You’ve just signed up on Harmony Fireworks!”  If you don’t receive the email, send an email to: rmuirhch@cfl.rr.com and tell Dick Muir you did not receive the email.

This email will have a User Name and Password.  It will be used to get you sheet music and learning tracks.

Please submit this registration form Harmony Fireworks has been CANCELED!